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Since his first novel was published in 1968 Chet Cunningham has written and had published nearly 300 works of fiction and 15 non fiction books. He is equally adept on horseback, in the techno-thriller arena, or recounting military history. His output includes 125 westerns and 50 men's action/adventure novels.

This is where it happens, Cunningham in his creative corner, hard at work on his next carefully crafted high adventure. "Yeah, that's right, so far I've written and had published 298 books," Cunningham said, "That's what I do."

Which begs the question, what will he do for Book 300?

[ChetCunningham.Com, Chet Cunningham's Wonderful World of Books]

Cunningham, who makes his home in San Diego, California, is a prolific writer of both novels and nonfiction books. He comes from a newspaper background so is geared to producing writing every day and not "when the muse moves me." He said he doesn't believe in writer's block.

[ChetCunningham.Com, Chet Cunningham's Wonderful World of Books] In 1950, he was drafted in the Army. After nine months in Japan Cunningham went to the front lines of the war in Korea. He participated in two battles and numerous line-crossing and prisoner patrols. Assigned to a heavy weapons company he served as an 81 mm mortar gunner, squad leader, and section leader. His service earned him the Combat Infantryman's Badge. After two years of service he was discharged in the rank of sergeant.

Cunningham was born in Nebraska, grew up in Oregon, worked in Michigan, and went to college in New York City. Now he lives in California. He works in an expanded den in his home and says he never gets to work late due to fog, rain or traffic jams. "Walk down the hall, turn left and I'm at work."

He graduated from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon with a BA in journalism, and after his hitch in the Army he received his MS degree from the Columbia University Graduated School in Journalism in New York City in 1954.

In 1994 he founded the non-profit corporation, San Diego Book Awards Association, to recognize local writers of books. A competition for the best book in 18 different categories is held yearly and $100 and certificates awarded to winners. From this has come the Read-4-Fun program aimed at 5th graders to encourage them to read more. Free books are given to students who do 200 pages of outside reading and turn in a book report. The Read-4-Fun committee now works with 15 schools and just over 2,000 students. Last year the group gave away more than 3,000 books. This year Cunningham originated a $2,000 grant for county novelists. The winner was selected from among 40 entries.

[ChetCunningham.Com, Chet Cunningham's Wonderful World of Books]
Rack with Chet's Seal Team missions, on the left, as well as three new big print re-releases of his Pony Soldiers books in hard cover.

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[ChetCunningham.Com, Chet Cunningham's Wonderful World of Books]

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